Poligami dalam sudut pandang Katolik: Berbasis Realitas Perkawinan Masyarakat Afrika

Abstract:Polygamy becomes problematic issue in the marriage life. Even until now, polygamy happens in our society and how much more in the cultur and tradition that alows it. In the catholic tradition, polygamy took place since the time of Old Testament. We can see some of our Prophets who commited this like Abraham, David, and Salomon.

But they had the reason of doing this. Here, based on the reality life of African who consider polygamy becomes legal in their cultur, there is contradict between marriage life in Africa and Catholic tradition about marriage.

Sometimes it is diffucult to promote monogamy as legal marriage especially in African tradition and it has to be considered by the Catholic Church when they want to promote monogamy marriage. To learn and consider such tradition and cultur like African’s is important. It is not just holding up the law of the Church about marriage life (monogamy) but it is also a matter of wise discerment and proper pastoral ministry without forcing rashly African to accept Catholic tradition in marriage. Generaly, polygamy is against Catholic Church because it can break the nature and integrity of Catholic marriage life.


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